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Environmental Science


A personalized environmental studies education.

All roads might lead to Rome, but you’ll have countless destinations as you leave here with an environmental science degree—whether working at a nonprofit or NGO, teaching at any level or doing research with an environmental lab.

Partner with your advisor to select courses, professional development opportunities and research experiences that will best suit your career path, creating a personalized and highly interdisciplinary pursuit of the environmental sciences. 

There is no finer campus for environmental science learning and research (more on that below.)

Hands On

Conduct collaborative research with your professors. Work with local environmental organizations. Help run an on-campus farm. Explore caves in the American southeast, dive to research corals in Honduras or examine the geology in Iceland.

Environmental Science FACULTY

Dr. Catherine H Borer
Associate Professor of Biology and Coordinator of Environmental Sciences Program
Dr. Catherine H Borer

In addition to teaching and mentoring Berry’s environmental science students, Dr. Borer is a member of The National Cave Rescue Commission Education Committee; serves on the Editorial Review Board of the electronic, open-access scientific journal Emerging Female Scientist; and partners with students to evaluate the ecological relevance and decline of the flowering dogwood tree—research that Borer’s students presented at the Botanical Society of America’s annual meeting.

A Campus like No Other

Our 27,000-acre campus is a vast “green classroom” with distinct environments and ecosystems, from lowland forests, hills and wetlands to streams, meadows and lakes. Join long-term research studies or launch your own.

Environmental Science Courses

EVS 220
Geographic Information Systems

Explore such topics as the nature of spatial data, cartography, GIS data models, spatial analysis, basic spatial modeling and global positioning systems.

EVS 312
Global Change in the Anthropocene

Humans are now causing rapid changes to the biological, climatological and geological systems on which we depend, leading to the identification of a new period in Earth’s history: the Anthropocene. This course will investigate the causes of these global changes and examine the impacts on society’s future.

EVS 405
Environmental Science Capstone Experience

Investigate key questions in the field through readings and discussions. Gain real-world experience working on interdisciplinary projects that address environmental challenges at the local level.

Environmental Science LIVES

Environmental science grad makes his passion for community service a reality

As a Development Associate for the Disaster Recovery team, Berry graduate and environmental sciences major Jake Hager ’18 manages more than 65 programs for the state of Georgia, including tax credits, housing assistance and state community service—with a focus on long-term recovery strategies for the South Georgia cities and counties affected by hurricanes.

Jake Hager

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