“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of experience. I know no way of judging the future but by the past.”
– Patrick Henry, 1775

The study of history will give you insight into both the past and the present. You’ll gain understanding about the capabilities, accomplishments, and failures of past civilizations and how both personal actions and impersonal forces have shaped the course of history. This will help you better recognize the limitations and opportunities facing the present generation.
The History program at Berry College offers a strong foundation if you are interested in graduate study or a career in law, education, writing, ministry, the military, business, government, library and archival work or historic restoration.

The History Major
As a Berry History major, you’ll take three survey courses in American and world history and eight elective courses chosen from various chronological and geographical subjects. You will also take a senior-level course, “Historiography,” in which you will discuss various philosophies and interpretations of history and write an extensive paper on a historiographical topic.
The History program is designed to be flexible enough to allow you to pursue a double major or a minor in another field or to take as many history courses as you want.

The History Minor
The History minor can complement studies in business, the sciences or other liberal arts fields. To achieve a minor in History, you must complete six history courses, among them two survey courses and three upper-level courses.

Life Skills Development
History courses can help you in any career you choose to pursue. In addition to helping you master the content of a variety of historical fields, Berry College’s history courses can assist in sharpening your analytical abilities through readings and discussion and develop your question-asking, problem-solving and writing skills through preparation of clear and coherent original research papers. 

Small Class Sizes
Berry’s history classes are small and offer a relaxed but professional environment that will help you gain the most from your professors and classmates. 

An Outstanding Faculty
The Berry College History faculty is a community of scholars who are recognized as authorities in their fields. Department members have contributed several books and articles to the literature of their areas of specialization, which include 19th century American history, Southern history, medieval history, military history, women’s history, diplomatic history, modern Europe and the history of imperialism. All of the historians consider quality teaching of undergraduates to be their primary responsibility. History faculty members also serve as academic advisors and welcome individual meetings with students outside of class.

Graduates’ Success
Berry History graduates have been accepted by some of the finest graduate programs and law schools in the Southeast and have excelled at careers in both the private and public sectors. History teaching majors enjoy an exceptional placement record. Student opportunities include:

  • Membership in Phi Alpha Theta, the international honor society for history students.
  •  Presentation of original research at regional and national history conferences and Berry’s Symposium on Student Scholarship
  • Assisting professors in research projects.
  •  Firsthand experience in public history through Oak Hill and The Martha Berry Museum. Oak Hill is a beautifully preserved 170-acre estate that was the home of Berry College founder Martha Berry. The museum on its grounds houses a remarkable collection of art and exhibits.

More Information
For more information on History at Berry, visit www.berry.edu/academics/humanities/history.