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A broad view of history

What better place to study the past than a college steeped in its own rich history?

Here, you will learn alongside highly respected, published historians, who consider teaching undergraduates their first responsibility. We will ask you to stretch your mind. As a department, we avoid narrow specialization with the aim of exposing you to as many historical topics and approaches as possible. 

Our History PLUS program is the first in the nation to combine the study of history with a range of related fields: global issues, justice, business, technology, the environment, women's and gender studies, writing and the communication of historical information to the public. This innovative approach to a liberal arts education with hands-on work experience through internships will prepare you for long-term professional success.

Hands On

Work with a professor as a research assistant. Present your findings at a national meeting of the American Historical Association. Explore digital history and humanities through work with the Martha Berry Digital Archives project. Follow your love of history to any number of universities around the world.


Dr. Christy Snider
Associate Professor of History
Dr. Christy Snider

Christy Snider brings her expertise in American history to courses on U.S. women’s history, the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, U.S. foreign policy, the history of rock and roll, and recent U.S. history. Dr. Snider has published several articles on the involvement of women in diplomacy during the interwar years and is currently working on a monograph that explores the backgrounds of women who served as official delegates to transnational governmental conferences (1920–1945).

Living History

Take a hands-on approach to public history through work for our two campus museums, organizing collections, designing displays and guiding tours. Work to preserve historical papers and records in the Berry College Archives.

History Courses

HIS 460
History of Rock and Roll

Examine United States society and culture through the lens of rock and roll music. Special attention is paid to the connections between politics, gender, race, class, technology and popular music in the post-World War II era.

HIS 432
The Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Consider the problems and aftermath of the Reconstruction era, evolution of national politics, growth of labor movements, rise and concentration of modern industry, revolt of the agrarians and the Progressive movement.

HIS 322
Modern Mexico

Explore the political, social, cultural and economic development of Mexico from independence to the present day through a variety of sources.

History LIVES

2014 grad finds true path working at Mount Vernon

An interest in museums led Haley Fortune ’14 to Berry, where she gained valuable experience at the Oak Hill and Martha Berry Museum and in the Martha Berry Digital Archives. A growing passion for presenting the past led to a history major at Berry and to a master’s in visual arts management and curating at The American International University in London. After working for museums in London and Washington, D.C., Haley landed her dream job at George Washington’s historic home, Mount Vernon.

Haley Fortune

History Plus

History PLUS Global Issues
A career in foreign policy or work with multi-national communities requires a keen understanding of the distant past—and its impact on present-day social and economic conditions. This specialization will give you the knowledge and tools to thrive in these fields.
History PLUS Justice
Why study a particular subject to get into law school or pursue a career in criminal justice? Do more. The study of history with a minor in legal studies, political science, business or sociology/anthropology—plus a law internship—provides academic depth and real-world experience.
History PLUS the Public
A career in museums, preservation and documentary making requires knowledge of the past plus the skills to share it with the public. With our program, you'll build a strong portfolio in marketing, design, digital storytelling and public relations through on-campus opportunities and internships.
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