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Put your head, heart and hands to the best use.

Our founder believed the best education nurtures and makes use of the head, heart and hands. There may be no more perfect example of this ideal than the Berry nursing program. Here, you will be taught by expert faculty, exposed to high fidelity simulated hospital situations and get hands-on clinical experience while developing your compassion and character in a caring and supportive community.

If your parents need convincing, casually mention that Berry nursing majors enjoy a 100% employment within three months of graduation.

Hands On

You will: Learn first-hand through clinical rotations at hospitals just minutes from campus. Do an internship in a critical care or high intensity unit. Develop care plans while caring for patients in a primarily Hispanic population.


Dr. Carolyn Reilly
Director of Nursing
Dr. Carolyn Reilly

Director of Nursing Carolyn Reilly, PhD, RN, FAAN brings over 30 years of clinical, educational and scholarly research to Berry, including decades of caring for critically ill and cardiovascular patients. Her research includes promoting self-care in individuals suffering from or at risk for cardiovascular disease, which has led to the development of educational programs and instruments for those with heart failure and congenital heart disease. Highly published in her field, she is a reviewer for several cardiovascular and critical journals and held positions in professional organizations: director for the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses, membership chair for the Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing Council of the American Heart Association and vice president for the Southern Nursing Research Society.

Practice Makes Perfect

Expand classroom learning, develop your skillset and put your learning to the test by experiencing challenging, real-world medical scenarios—such as inserting a chest tube or delivering a baby—in our safe-yet-realistic simulation environment.

Nursing Courses

NUR 313
Pathophysiology/ Pharmacology

Examine foundational pathophysiology, principles of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of pharmaceutical agents (using prototypes) and the nursing process in medication administration for health promotion, treatment and symptom management.

NUR 410
Cross Cultural Immersion (Foundations F3a)

Learn first-hand through observation and immersion in an international or national healthcare and educational setting. . 

NUR 412 I
Evidence-Based Practice

Learn to develop an evidence-based practice model, identify practice issues, evaluate research findings, use research and clinical evidence to make informed practice decisions and identify potential research problems that may improve patient care outcomes.

Nursing LIVES

Real-world Training Prepares Student Nurse for Success

Alyssa Beasley, who works in the cardiac unit at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, gained vital real-world experience as a Berry College nursing student. Through Berry’s LifeWorks program, she spent almost two years as a nurse technician at Redmond Regional Medical Center in Rome, Georgia. Alyssa was was able to put her skills to the test, thanks to the rigorous curriculum and training received in Berry’s nursing program. 

Alyssa Beasley

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