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Prepare for success in any career by understanding the human psyche.

Here’s our approach (we find it works well): small classes, close mentoring, dedicated faculty, (so many) opportunities for professional development, a rigorous curriculum, preparation for graduate school and/or careers, and a deep and nuanced understanding of human behavior. (Did we miss anything?)

We emphasize research methods (because this is good for you) and statistics (because they are fascinating and powerful) and applied behavior analysis (which is not offered at many colleges) and undergraduate research funding (which means money for you to pursue big questions).

Hands On

You might work in the lab (great preparation for grad school) or as a psychology teaching assistant (deepening your own grasp of the material). Whatever position you take on, you’ll earn a paycheck while building professional and leadership skills.

Psychology FACULTY

Dr. Alan Hughes
Interim Dean of the Charter School of Education and Human Sciences and Professor of Psychology
Dr. Alan Hughes

Dr. Hughes teaches and conducts research at the intersection of psychology and physiology, with a specialization in perception and neural science. The author of many scholarly publications, he also writes textbooks on academic advising. A combined talent for teaching and mentoring led Dr. Hughes to receive the Eleana M. Garrett Award for Meritorious Advising and Caring.

Dig In

Supersize your resume through funded research with professors, off-campus internships and community-engaged learning experiences. Rare among peer institutions, Berry’s George Scholarship funds psychology-specific independent research by Berry students.

Psychology Courses

PSY 441
Eyewitness Memory

Consider the science of eyewitness identification using an experimental approach, including estimator and system variables that affect accuracy of memory for both eyewitnesses and bystanders.

PSY 445
Social Innovation and the Psychology of Poverty

Explore the emerging field of social innovation and entrepreneurship within the framework of various psychological theories that explore the potential causes and consequences of poverty.

PSY 443
Human Factors

Engage in interdisciplinary examination of human abilities, limitations and other characteristics relevant to designing tools, machines, systems, tasks, jobs and environments that are safe, comfortable and effective for human use.

Psychology LIVES

Kate Godwin Anderson

During her time at Berry, Kate Godwin Anderson (11C) was a George Scholar who partnered with her professors and co-mentors Dr. Hughes and Dr. Haney to study spatial vision in autistic adults. As a PhD candidate at the University of Louisville, Kate worked in the same lab (and had the same mentor) as Dr. Hughes. She is now an assistant professor at Presbyterian College in South Carolina.

Kate Godwin Anderson

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