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Rising seniors (approximately 80-90 hours), should complete a graduation application during the Spring semester pre-registration period of their junior year.  The Graduation Application will be available on VikingWeb.  Students should review the degree information on the Graduation Application as well as the Advising Worksheet (also available on VikingWeb) to verify that their degree program, major, and minor are all correct.  Any errors should be reported to the Registrar’s Office and corrected as soon as possible.  The Graduation Application will also provide an opportunity for you to confirm the spelling of your name for your diploma. 

Immediately prior to the beginning of the senior year, each student and their advisor will receive an individual graduation audit from the Registrar’s Office with details concerning their progress toward meeting their requirements for graduation.  This audit will outline whether the student is on track for graduation, and if not, what requirements must be met in the final year in order for the student to graduate as planned.  Please work with advisors to work out any issues that have been outlined in the audit in a timely manner to ensure there will be no issues as graduation approaches. 

Students will be charged a $40 undergraduate graduation fee during the final semester in residence at Berry prior to graduation.  Graduate students complete the Application for Graduation with their graduate program offices and must pay the graduation fee at the time the application is submitted.

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