Schools of Berry College



The Campbell School of Business prepares students for life by combining a strong liberal arts education with advanced preparation in business and economics. The skills and knowledge necessary for a great career are provided through traditional academics and a variety of firsthand experiences. When students create a plan that combines their extra-curricular and work experiences with their academic work, the results can be remarkable.


Education and Human Sciences

The Charter School houses pre-professional and professional programs in Psychology, Teacher Education, Nursing and Kinesiology; a graduate program in curriculum and instruction; a graduate program in educational leadership; and minors in Applied Behavior Analysis, Family Studies, and TEFL. The diverse major and minor programs are connected through a shared mission of preparing students to become developers of human potential in their communities and professions.


Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

The Evans School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Berry College educates students in the skills and the knowledge that will enable them to live well in this complex and interconnected world and that will help them to serve others. We are interested in humans, both as individuals and in communities, both past and present and the things that enrich human life and make a life worth living.


Mathematical and Natural Sciences

With our emphasis on hands-on learning through research and field studies, the school is known for its accomplished graduates, many of whom pursue professions in research, bio-medical fields, teaching or attending professional schools. We tout unique opportunities such as: Student/faculty research, experiencing the world as your classroom, STEM Teach programs and a 27,000 Acre Research Lab.

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