Schools of Berry College

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Campbell School of Business

The Campbell School of Business prepares students for life by combining a strong liberal arts education with advance preparation in business and economics. The skills and knowledge necessary for a great career are provided through traditional academics and a variety of firsthand experiences. When students create a plan that combines their extra-curricular and work experiences with their academic work, the results can be remarkable.

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Charter School of Education and Human Sciences

We are developers of human potential. The Charter School of Education and Human Sciences prepares our graduates to be effective, competent and culturally responsive teachers, counselors, clinicians and researchers who can develop the potential of others and become leaders in the communities where they live, work and serve. The psychology, teacher education and kinesiology programs are innovative, academically challenging, technologically rich and based in schools and communities.

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Evans School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

The Evans School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences prepares students for meaningful and rich lives through studies of humanity in languages, literature, history, religion and philosophy; through the examination of human culture, society and institutions in sociology, anthropology, government, international studies and environmental studies; and through the experience of beauty and artistic excellence in music, theatre, visual art and dance. A liberal arts education is an education in what matters for humans and for our world.

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School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

Firsthand experiences are the hallmark of the undergraduate education offered by the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences at Berry College. With our emphasis on hands-on learning through research, and field studies, the school is known for its accomplished graduates, many of whom pursue professions in research, bio-medical fields, teaching or attending professional schools.

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