Gunby Students with Horses

Gunby Equine Center

The Gunby Equine Center, named after the honorable Judge Eugene Gunby, exists as a 185-Acre operation.  While having a significant amount of pasture, the primary facilities include a covered arena and classroom/office complex.  Three barns maintain over 50 stalls as well as tack rooms and was racks.  There are two outdoor round pens and access to many miles of trails throughout the surrounding mountains.

Berry College owns approximately 60 horses.  The majority of the horses are used for instructional purposes and research.  The Gunby Equine Center also maintains a small band of brood mares and a breeding stallion.

The Gunby Equine Center is also the home for Berry’s nationally recognized Intercollegiate Equestrian Team.  This varsity women’s team competes in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association.   

Students are also encouraged to bring their horses to campus.  The Gunby Equine Center provides full board, access to all facilities and trails throughout the campus for students maintaining their horses at the facility.

In addition to teaching, students have the opportunity to gain valuable experience working at the facility.  Approximately 30 students involved in the Berry College work program are selected to work at the equine center.   The individuals are involved in all aspects of the Gunby Equine Center operations.