Application Form for Research in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Please complete the following questionnaire and submit the information using the button at the bottom of the page 

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1. Name:  

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3. Major(s):  

4. Academic Advisor's Name:

5. Overall GPA:  

6. Have you applied for research before? 

7. What is your expected graduation date?

8. Are you either an ACS-Certified major or an Honors student? 

9. Briefly describe your post graduation plans (i.e., chemistry graduate school, job in chemistry, medical school, etc.):

10. Interested in research NEXT SEMESTER for (check all that are relevant):



11. List all math and science courses (CHM, BIO,PHY,MAT,ANS) taken at Berry College AND your letter grade for each course:


12. List any previous research experience you have had at Berry College or elsewhere (enter NONE if relevant):


13. Briefly explain why you are interested in doing research in chemistry.  Include how this research experience may help you attain some of your long term goals:



14. List the top three faculty members with whom you would be most interested in working in numerical order (1 is the most interesting, etc.):


15. How many hours per week will you commit to research?

16. Effective research requires blocks of time.  Provide at least three 3-hour blocks of time in your schedule next semester for which you would be available for research:

 (Example:  Tuesdays 8-11)


17. Are there any other matters that we should be aware of that was not covered in the questions above: