Physics, Astronomy, & Geology

The Physics, Astronomy, and Geology Department offers the following majors, dual-degree programs, and minors.

  • The Physics Professional Track major is for students planning to pursue graduate study in physics. 
  • The Applied Physics major is for students who are interested in engineering or technology careers. 
  • The General Physics major is a flexible major that works well for students with a variety of other interests, including high school teaching. 
  • We offer a Dual-degree Engineering program in Engineering with Georgia Tech or Kennesaw State.
  • We offer a Dual-degree Astronomy program with the University of Hawaii at Hilo.  
  • We offer minors in physics and geology.
  • The Geology program at Berry supports the major in Environmental Science.

Why is Berry a great place to study physics?

  • Our physics classes are small and your professor will know who you are.
  • We use active engagement teaching methods that lead to better understanding of physics.
  • All of our courses and labs are taught by professors who are available for consultation outside of class time.
  • In our Student Work Program you can get paid to put your physics knowledge to use outside of the classroom.
  • Students have the opportunity to engage in original physics research with Berry faculty.
  • We have an active and award-winning chapter of the Society of Physics Students.

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