Firsthand Opportunities

firsthand Opportunities

At Berry College we want you to experience physics firsthand!  That's why we use active learning methods in our courses, and it is also why we provide opportunities for research and work experiences for our physics, dual-degree engineering, and dual-degree astronomy students. 

active learning

At Berry we use active learning strategies in most of our physics courses.  Physics education research shows that these methods are more effective in helping students understand physics concepts.  Our active learning methods include:

  • tutorials (small groups of students working together to answer questions),
  • homework presentations (students presenting and critiquing homework solutions),
  • laboratory experiments and mini-experiments,
  • peer instruction (students discuss respond to multiple choice questions using colored cards),
  • and more!

Work Opportunities

At Berry, you can get paid to work in a physics-related job.  Job opportunities in the department include:

  • homework grader,
  • tutor for introductory physics,
  • lab setup assistant,
  • observatory assistant,
  • research with faculty. 

Research opportunities

Many of our students engage in real physics research with a Berry faculty member.  These research positions can be done for pay (through our Student Work Program - see above) or for academic credit (as an Academic Internship).  Our student researchers:

  • conduct research in experimental, computational, and theoretical physics,
  • work part-time during the academic year or full-time over the summer,
  • present their work at national conferences,
  • co-author papers published in professional journals like the American Journal of Physics and the Astrophysical Journal.

Students interested in doing research with a Berry professor should talk to the professors to find out what opportunities are available.  If you are interested in summer research away from Berry, visit The Physics Nucleus for a listing of opportunities.  Students can also find opportunities for corporate internships in engineering or related fields through Berry's Career Center.