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BCC 300: Signature Experience Seminar is a one-credit course in which students evaluate, connect, and articulate their learning from a Signature Learning Experience in multiple ways, as part of a cohort, with guidance from a mentor. The course is intentionally designed to bring together students from different majors with a variety of Signature Learning Experiences to provide a community in which students learn how to articulate their experiences to people outside of their major. In addition, the course is kept small (with a cap of 12) to ensure everyone has the time and space to discuss fully their experiences.

In this class, students will dive deep into discovering and discussing how their Signature Learning Experience (SLE) is influencing their development as a learner.  Through structured reflective assignments, students will:

  • Examine how their SLE is connected to their foundations courses, their major field of study, and to their life experiences, identifying the connections among their various experiences; 
  • Reflect on how their SLE has real world applications, how what they are learning has meaning for their future endeavors and will explore what their experience is teaching them about themselves;
  • Strengthen their skills in description, examination, and articulation of learning using written, oral, and media formats;
  • Create an ePortfolio showcasing their SLE. 

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