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Test Request Forms: 

Test Requests will now be submitted online and will not be accepted in person. Once you have submitted a test request, your professor will receive an email from us to complete their portion of the request. Once your professor approves your test request, you will receive an email notification confirming you are all set to test in the testing center.

Electronic Texts: 

If you have electronic texts as an accommodation, please consult with the bookstore or Amazon to purchase an electronic version of any textbooks required. The ASC will only purchase electronic texts for required textbooks for courses if they are not available at the bookstore or on Amazon.  Please note that there are Kindle apps available for desktop/laptop computers.

Notes Taken by a Notetaker:

Students who are eligible for a notetaker and would like to enact this accommodation should do so by contacting the faculty in the course for which notes are needed. The notetaker accommodation will be listed on the student’s accommodation letter, and faculty would have also received instructions for securing notetakers on behalf of students. Any questions about this process can be directed to the Academic Success Center at (706) 233-4080 or directly to our Assistant Director for Accessibility Resources, Katrina Meehan, at

If the student needing a notetaker does not want to be identified, the notetaker will be asked to turn the notes in to the ASC. We then scan and email the notes to the student-client. We ask that note-takers provide notes at least once per week. If you are not regularly receiving notes, please reach out to the Academic Success Center as soon as possible.

If the student needing a note taker has agreed to be identified, the note-taker can hand the notes directly to the student who needs the accommodation or share them electronically.

Students with any concerns regarding their notes are encouraged to contact the Academic Success Center as soon as possible.

Please note that notes taken by an ASC notetaker are intended only for the student-client for which they were taken. Student-clients should not share these notes with other students without permission from the course instructor.

Additional Questions? You can always set up an Accommodation Check-In Meeting with Katrina Meehan at Just select “Accommodation Check-In Meeting” from the list of options and select the day and time that works best with your schedule.

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