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The first step in seeking accommodations is disclosing your disability. The process for doing this is outlined below and includes submitting documentation and meeting with an Academic Success Center staff member to engage in a meaningful conversation about accommodations and accessibility resources available at Berry College. If at any point you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Academic Success Center’s Assistant Director for Accessibility Resources, Katrina Meehan, at or at 706.233.4080.

To receive accommodations for a documented difference or disability, the student must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete intake forms- This will include basic information about the student and a brief description of the student’s difference or disability and requested academic accommodations.
  2. Submit supporting documentation- If you need to submit more than one document, you will simply revisit this same page as many times as necessary. Documentation must:
    1. Clearly state the nature of the diagnosed disability or learning difference;
    2. Be written and signed by a qualified professional, such as a health care provider, school psychologist, or the educational system;
    3. Be recent enough to speak to the student’s current needs;
    4. Provide a list of recommended accommodations.
  3. The student-client’s self-report is a vital source of information in best understanding how we can support him or her.  For that reason, accommodations will not be activated until the student-client has met with a member of our staff, specifically the Assistant Director of the Academic Success Center. Schedule a meeting by visiting this link, select “Accommodations Intake Meeting” and select the date/time that best fits your schedule. 

Incoming students: Please note, if you will be attending SOAR, Viking Venture, or another event and would like to schedule a meeting during one of those events, please contact the Assistant Director directly at

If the initial documentation is incomplete or inadequate to determine the extent of the disability and reasonable accommodations, the Academic Success Center staff has the discretion to require submission of additional documentation.

There is no time period within which a person must self-identify as having a disability; however, the college is permitted a reasonable amount of time to make accommodations. 

Students have the option of appealing decisions about accommodations made by the Academic Success Center.

Grievance and Appeal Policies and Procedures

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