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Meet the challenge of leadership!

We offer a range of credible and engaging experiences to suit any developing leader's needs. Be curious, seek out diverse opportunities, discover new perspectives and start applying the lessons learned. BCIL is here to challenge and support you in your developmental journey.

Signature Experiences

  • Teaching students outsideCarper Mentoring Program
  • Cecil B. Wright III Integrity in Leadership Lecture Series
  • Executive leadership coaching 
  • Leadership consulting 
  • Academic courses
  • Assessment for strategic awareness
  • Workshops supporting campus efforts
  • Leader and program assessment   

Accepting applications now! Submit an application for the 2023-24 Carper Mentoring Program by May 3, 2023.

Developmental Culture

Leader development involves more than acquiring skills – Integrity in Leadership requires developing the whole person.

At Berry you will learn new skills while addressing your assumptions and frame of mind. We attend to the head, heart and hands as equal and evolving qualities that prepare us to lead the communities in which we live, work and serve.

The Berry Center for Integrity in Leadership empowers the community to embody highly valued and widely applicable leadership knowledge, skills and values. We offer distinctive services, resources and products that are grounded and relevant to diverse intellectual, practical, personal and shared developmental pursuits.

Mason Hemstreet (22C) Major: Biochemistry 

Mason Hemstreet

Through BCIL, faculty nominate students who show leadership qualities and match them with mentors to further their growth. Mason Hemstreet — a pre-med student now enrolled in medical school — was paired with a physician and leader in the local community. Mason says, “After spending much time with him debating and discussing, I can also call him a friend. I can go to him about any professional or personal issues that arise, and I know he will be there for me … I am very grateful to him as well because he has provided much joy and advice to my life here at Berry College."


Contact Information

Dr. Bob Reimer
Elvin and Fleta Patterson Sims Director, Berry Center for Integrity in Leadership

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