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  1. When will I know the math course in which I have been enrolled?
    • Each student will receive his or her fall course schedule at SOAR and will have an opportunity to meet with an advisor to discuss and request changes to that schedule. In the meantime, it is a great idea to explore the course catalog and/or degree requirements for your major.  You can start here.
  2. Can I enroll in a math course other than the one my ALEKS score recommends?
    • You can enroll in any math course which has a required minimum score at or below your ALEKS assessment score. Course placement guidelines. 
  3. How do I know which Berry College math courses are required for my major?
    • To find the math courses required for your major, you can visit the course catalog. Your advising meeting at SOAR is also a great opportunity to ask questions about major requirements.
  4. What if my ALEKS score places me in a math that does not count toward my major?
    • The ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning system provides much more than a placement assessment. The initial placement assessment is just your starting point.  If your initial score did not place you in a math class required for your major, you have three options. 
      • First, we encourage you to work through the Prep and Learning modules customized for you within ALEKS based on your initial placement assessment score. Working through these modules for even a few hours can help you master additional concepts so you can earn a higher result on any additional assessment attempts. 
      • Second, you can elect to enroll in a math workshop in the fall semester. These will utilize ALEKS Prep and Learning modules within a classroom environment, giving you the advantage of using the content ALEKS customized for you as well as the support of an instructor. To be enrolled in a math workshop for the fall semester, contact Academic Transitions at 706.233.4080.
      • Third, you can take the course in which you have been placed by your initial ALEKS placement assessment. While the class may not be one of the required math courses for your major, it can provide a solid foundation on which to build.  To enroll in the math class in which you have currently placed, you can speak with your academic advisor at your SOAR advising session and make any recommended changes then.
  1. What is the latest I can retake the placement assessment and enroll in a more advanced math course?
    • August 1st is the final date students may retake ALEKS placement assessments for the purpose of being placed in more advanced math coursework for the fall semester.  Students are welcome to continue work in ALEKS for the duration of their six-month window and can choose to wait to begin their math coursework in the spring semester.  If you are concerned about how this may impact progress in your major, reach out to your advisor for insight and use the course catalog as a resource.
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