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  1. Why should I work through the Prep and Learning modules?
    • The ALEKS Prep and Learning modules give you a couple of key tools for success. First, you’ll begin with an individualized learning “pie” that visually represents concepts you know well and concepts you have not yet mastered.  You will work within that “pie” at your own pace to regain lost knowledge and learn additional mathematics concepts.  Second, ALEKS Prep and Learning provides a deep learning experience, helping you commit concepts to long-term memory through Knowledge Checks and other helpful learning tools.  For students who plan to take math courses of increasing difficulty, ALEKS Prep and Learning provides a solid foundation on which to build.
  2. How do the Prep and Learning modules work?
    • To work within the Prep and Learning modules in ALEKS, you should log back into your ALEKS account through VikingWeb or at berry.edu/mathprep. Next, under “Improve your Knowledge in a Prep and Learning Module”, click “Get Started”.  On the Prep and Learning landing page, you’ll first see your “learning pie”.  You can explore areas of strength and areas where improvement is needed within that pie, or you can click “timeline” at the top right of the page to access your learning path.  Your learning path is customized based on your assessment score to guide you through the content you need to master before you take your next placement assessment. Click “start my path” to begin on your customized learning path.  From there, you will work through key concepts, reviewing, practicing and checking your knowledge. 
  3. How long do I have to work in ALEKS Prep and Learning modules?
    • You will have access to the ALEKS placement, prep, and learning modules for twelve months from the date you begin your first Prep and Learning module.
  4. How long does it take to work through the Prep and Learning modules?
    • Research conducted by ALEKS demonstrates that many students see an improvement in their math placement with an investment of as little as twelve hours of work in the preparation and learning modules.
  5. Does progress in ALEKS Prep and Learning modules count toward placement in a math course?

Progress in ALEKS is a great indicator you are regaining lost knowledge and learning new concepts.  However, you must complete another placement assessment and earn the required score to be placed into more advanced mathematics courses.

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