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Anna Van Kley is a sophomore sociology and history major from Columbus, Georgia. She loves everything arts and crafts (especially crochet), playing flute, and traveling. She loves animals of every kind and has way too many plants in her dorm. Her favorite part of the writing process is organizing sentences and adjusting word choice. She took RHW 102 with Professor Mullins.


Judson Baker is a Political Science major and History minor from Snellville, GA. His main writing interests are in European and American history, government and politics, and philosophy. He is studying with a focus in constitutional law and legal philosophy, with the intention of going to law school. One of his favorite subjects to read and write about is the history of US Supreme Court cases. He took Honors RHW 102 with Dr. Diller. 


Vanessa Rice is double major in History and German from Steamboat Springs, CO.  Her interests include creative writing, history, and studying cultures. She loves brainstorming and revising all types of essays, and she excels at hiding puns in her papers. Her sharp eye for grammar and spelling have helped her solve clues in several scavenger hunts and escape rooms. She loves to read fiction novels and relates to her favorite book, The Girl From Everywhere, on a personal level, due to her family’s notorious habit of constantly moving overseas. She took RHW 102 with Dr. Wright. 


Bebo Saucier is an English and Secondary Education major. She enjoys hiking, drinking hot tea, drawing, and reading absurdly long books. Out of all the absurdly long books she has read, Les Misérables by Victor Hugo is definitely her favorite. Her favorite parts of writing are organization and style. She is familiar with both the MLA and APA citation styles, although she is more confident with MLA. She took RHW 102 with Dr. Wright. 


Jasmine Hollender is a junior Animal Science major with a Pre-Vet concentration from Atlanta, GA. She has a double minor in Psychology and Chemistry and is happiest when surrounded by nature. In addition to her pet dog, cat, and tortoise, Jasmine also has a pet tarantula! Since Jasmine is very detail-oriented, revising and editing papers is what she enjoys most, but she loves to help others in all stages of the writing process. She took RHW 102 with Dr. Laura Wright.


Sarah Smyly is a dual degree engineering major with a music minor. She loves to play piano, read and memorize poetry, and eat Italian food. She enjoys playing with Berry’s Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band. Her writing strengths include logical argumentation, structure/organization of paragraphs, and mechanics. She took Honors RHW 102 with Dr. Bucher. 


Trinity Staats is a junior Psychology major with dual minors in Creative Writing and Applied Behavior Analysis. She is from Forest Park, Georgia. When not spending time working with and organizing meeting for Writer’s Ink, she can often be found playing Minecraft and Skyrim. Outside of that, she also spends a great deal of time working on her own personal projects, with aspirations to publish her own novel in the future. She has high proficiency in brain storming, research, thesis creation, and grammar. She came to Berry with a transfer credit that accounted for RHW 102. 


Ashton Hamilton is a sophomore Psychology major with a Family Studies minor from Dalton, GA. She enjoys hobbies such as drawing, playing video games, collecting plushies, and writing (seems obvious). Ashton wishes to go into marriage and family counseling after she graduates from Berry. Her strengths in writing include vocabulary, brainstorming, and, if applicable, some classic figurative language. If wanting to befriend her, a Starbucks éclair will do the trick. She took RHW 102 with Dr. Donnelly, which, unlike Cam, left her with a slight annoyance for Malcom Gladwell.


Rose Wall is Visual Communications major with a minor in French. In her free time, she enjoys writing, painting, watching anime, and listening to music. She also enjoys the digital arts such as graphic design and video editing. Her favorite part of the writing process is fine-tuning a paper and all its details: improving word choice, clarifying arguments, and polishing one's work are all things she is passionate about, though she enjoys the other writing stages as well. She took RHW 102 with Dr. Christina Bucher.


Heather Thompson is an English and Secondary Education double major with a Teaching English as a Foreign Language minor. She enjoys reading, writing, and encouraging others that their words matter in and outside of academics. Her favorite parts of writing include brainstorming and editing, but she is more than happy to help in any other part of the writing process. Heather is avid supporter of those in need of a break to check out the Georgia Aquarium's Sea Otter Livestream Webcam. She took RHW 102 with Dr. Donnelly.


Jacob Pritchett is a Creative Writing major, with interests as diverse as political science, economics, and business. His passions include creative writing and competing with Berry's champion speech and debate team. When he's not writing stories or giving speeches, you can find him walking everywhere really fast or ordering specialty coffees. He is well versed in grammar mechanics, revision strategies, thesis development, and logic/argumentation.


Khanaja Scott is a Creative Writing major with an undecided minor (probably either Digital Storytelling, Spanish, or Psychology.) When she’s not despairing over the loss of Friends on Netflix, she takes pride in recommending top-notch songs and making playlists. Her favorite part of the writing process is helping others transmit their ideas to paper and construct a smooth structure with good transitions. 

Noah Miller is a Political Science Major with double minors in Spanish and Teaching English as a Second Language from Lake Wylie, SC. Outside of her constantly busy schedule, she enjoys naps outside, True Crime podcasts, and music that makes her dream of the beach on a warm day. She is most comfortable with both the MLA and Chicago citation styles. She took RHW 102 with Professor Melissa Mullins. 


Kyla Hill is Creative Writing major with a music minor from Atlanta Georgia. She enjoys watching sitcoms with her Great Dane puppy when she's not studying at Berry. Her hobbies include oil painting, writing letters to friends, singing in the shower, and planning trips to Europe. Kyla specializes in brainstorming, research, and formulating thesis statements. She had Dr. Watkins for RHW and the way to win her over is through any gluten free dessert!

Malia Busenitz is a double major in English and Secondary Education with a double minor in Spanish and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). She enjoys being outside especially in the sunshine! Her favorite activities are hiking, stargazing, playing sports, and staying up way too late. She strives to help students develop a strong central claim and include paragraphs that directly support their argument. She is most comfortable with MLA formatting.  She took RHW with the great Dr. Bucher.


Student workers at the welcome desk are in place to assist students with registering and making appointments on our website, ushering students to their sessions, and assisting with any appointment-related needs.

Audrey Arnett is an English major who enjoys reading and exercising in her spare time.

Grace Lawrence is a Creative Writing major who loves reading and writing.

Jamie Jang is an Animal Science major and Gate scholar who enjoys playing softball.

Kaitlin Tesvich is a Psychology major who likes to read, hike, and play the ukulele in her spare time.

Kontessa Joseph is an English major who enjoys making art.

Rachel Tognarina is a Secondary Ed major who enjoys writing and baking.

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