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 Anna Van Kley is a sophomore sociology and history major from Columbus, Georgia. She loves everything arts and crafts (especially crochet), playing flute, and traveling. She loves animals of every kind and has way too many plants in her dorm. Her favorite part of the writing process is organizing sentences and adjusting word choice.
She took RHW 102 with Professor Mullins. 

Judson-Baker.jpgJudson Baker is a Political Science major and History minor from Snellville, GA. His main writing interests are in European and American history, government and politics, and philosophy. He is studying with a focus in constitutional law and legal philosophy, with the intention of going to law school. One of his favorite subjects to read and write about is the history of US Supreme Court cases.
He took Honors RHW 102 with Dr. Diller. 

Michaela-Stansberry.jpgMichaela Stansberry is a junior Creative Writing major with an Applied Behavior Analysis minor. You can often find her absorbed in the world of science fiction or crying about how cute dogs are. Her favorite parts of the writing process are research and organization. She is most comfortable with MLA format, but she is also comfortable using APA.
She took RHW 102 with Professor Mullins.

NancyBelle-Hansford.jpgNancy Belle Hansford is a Junior Communications major who hopes to minor in Journalism. Her favorite part of any class is writing and revising papers, which is why she is a Writing Consultant. Nancy Belle is most comfortable with the MLA citation style.
On a personal note, she falls in love with every cat she sees, which is why her family has five adopted cats, along with her two dogs and two turtles. She is obsessed with coffee and ice cream, which is why she works at Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins in Athens, GA when she is not here for school.
She took Honors RHW 102 with Dr. Bucher.

Rebekah-Rowe.jpgRebekah Rowe is a Biology major with a minor in Psychology. In the future she hopes to go into neuroscience research and learn more about the brain and its functions. She enjoys the arts, especially music. She is a flutist and singer primarily but art in all forms is appealing to her. As far as writing is concerned, she enjoys the formulaic organization of a research paper and the fluidity and creativity of a narrative. However, she is most familiar with APA style formatting because of her field of study.
She took RHW 102 with Katherine Powell.

Shelby-Newland.jpgShelby Newland is an English major from Bloomington, Indiana, and her favorite areas of focus are brain storming and thesis construction. President of both the Berry College Forensics Union and Berry’s unofficial waffle appreciation club, Shelby spends much of her time trying to get Cracker Barrel's official Instagram to notice her.
She took RHW 102 with Dr. Bucher.

vanessa-rice.jpgVanessa Rice is double major in History and German from Steamboat Springs, CO.  Her interests include creative writing, history, and studying cultures. She loves brainstorming and revising all types of essays, and she excels at hiding puns in her papers. Her sharp eye for grammar and spelling have helped her solve clues in several scavenger hunts and escape rooms. She loves to read fiction novels and relates to her favorite book, The Girl From Everywhere, on a personal level, due to her family’s notorious habit of constantly moving overseas. She took RHW 102 with Dr. Wright. 

bebo-saucier.jpgBebo Saucier is an English and Secondary Education major. She enjoys hiking, drinking hot tea, drawing, and reading absurdly long books. Out of all the absurdly long books she has read, Les Misérables by Victor Hugo is definitely her favorite. Her favorite parts of writing are organization and style. She is familiar with both the MLA and APA citation styles, although she is more confident with MLA. She took RHW 102 with Dr. Wright. 

devin-rhodes.jpgDevin Rhodes Is a senior majoring in History with a minor in Environmental Studies. Outside of academics he enjoys all kinds of music and plays a few instruments, mainly guitar. He previously graduated from Georgia Highlands College with an Associates of Science. This was also where he took most of his English and writing courses. At Berry Devin has taken classes from most of the history department and has plenty of experience working with the Chicago citation format. His writing strengths are in research, planning, and revision. 

jasmine-hollender.jpgJasmine Hollender is a junior Animal Science major with a Pre-Vet concentration from Atlanta, GA. She has a double minor in Psychology and Chemistry and is happiest when surrounded by nature. In addition to her pet dog, cat, and tortoise, Jasmine also has a pet tarantula! Since Jasmine is very detail-oriented, revising and editing papers is what she enjoys most, but she loves to help others in all stages of the writing process. She took RHW 102 with Dr. Laura Wright.  

sarah-smyly.jpgSarah Smyly is a dual degree engineering major with a music minor. She loves to play piano, read and memorize poetry, and eat Italian food. She enjoys playing with Berry’s Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band. Her writing strengths include logical argumentation, structure/organization of paragraphs, and mechanics. She took Honors RHW 102 with Dr. Bucher. 

trinity-staats.jpgTrinity Staats is a junior Psychology major with dual minors in Creative Writing and Applied Behavior Analysis. She is from Forest Park, Georgia. When not spending time working with and organizing meeting for Writer’s Ink, she can often be found playing Minecraft and Skyrim. Outside of that, she also spends a great deal of time working on her own personal projects, with aspirations to publish her own novel in the future. She has high proficiency in brain storming, research, thesis creation, and grammar. She came to Berry with a transfer credit that accounted for RHW 102. 

ashton-hamilton.jpgAshton Hamilton is a sophomore Psychology major with a Family Studies minor from Dalton, GA. She enjoys hobbies such as drawing, playing video games, collecting plushies, and writing (seems obvious). Ashton wishes to go into marriage and family counseling after she graduates from Berry. Her strengths in writing include vocabulary, brainstorming, and, if applicable, some classic figurative language. If wanting to befriend her, a Starbucks éclair will do the trick. She took RHW 102 with Dr. Donnelly, which, unlike Cam, left her with a slight annoyance for Malcom Gladwell.

Austen Copland is a non-traditional student taking a detour at Berry on her way to becoming a midwife. She holds degrees in literature and history from the University of St Andrews. She loves her two cats, crafting historically accurate clothing, and collecting any and all books (much to the chagrin of her husband). Her favorite aspect of writing is the neverending quest for the perfectly formed sentence and standing on her soap box in defense of the Oxford comma.

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