Summer International Programs Evaluation

Thank you for participating in this evaluation!

I. Background
Ethnicity: If other please specify:
Class Standing While Abroad: If other please specify:
Major: 2nd Major:
Minor: 2nd Minor:
Program Attended:  
Term Attended:

Year Attended:

How many weeks was your program?

How did you hear about studying abroad through international programs?
If other or campus event please specify:

II. Program and Academics
Please indicate the degree to which you agree with the following statements:
  1. I could not have learned the same material at my home school.
  2. The program workload was too heavy.
  3. The program was intellectually stimulating.
  4. I received adequate feedback on my academic progress.
  5. I was effectively advised concerning my courses and studies by my host institution.
  6. The academic facilities (classrooms, computer labs, libraries, etc.) were adequate for the amount and type of work expected.
  7. The program staff (Resident Director, International Office, etc.) were: choose all that apply
    Please feel free to add any comments on the above question:

Please feel free to add any comments on programs and academics section (above):

III. Culture
To what extent did the study abroad experience increase your:
  1. sense of independence or self-confidence. 
  2. ability to adapt to new situations. 
  3. interest in social issues. 
  4. interest in world events. 
  5. interest in language learning. 
  6. perspective beyond your own national experience. 
  7. ability to accept different ideas and ways of seeing the world. 
  8. acceptance of other peoples and cultures. 
  9. To what degree did the program structure and staff facilitate interaction with the host culture? 

  10. How would you describe the level of immersion into the host culture in this program? 
  11. What opportunities did you have to interact with people from the host country?
  12. What would you do differently, if anything, to increase interaction with host country natives?
  13. Can you interact effectively in the host culture? Explain:
  14. Please list three new skills, attributes, and/or attitudes that you acquired during your study abroad experience:
IV. Life Abroad
  1. Medical and/or dental services abroad were satisfactory.
  2. While abroad I lived in a/an (check all that apply):
    If other, please specify:
  3. Were your living arrangements satisfactory?
    Please comment:  
  4. While abroad I got my meals at the: Choose all that apply:
    If other, please specify:
  5. Were your meal arrangements satisfactory?
  6. Not counting program costs (tuition, fees, room and board) or a Eurailpass (where applicable), approximately how much money did you spend during your time abroad?
  7. List any unexpected Expenses:
  8. How much money do you recommend that a student to your program site take (not including a Eurail pass)?
  9. How did you take your money abroad? (Check all that apply)
  10. Do you have other suggestions on how to access or take money in your program site destination?
V. Travel
  1. When did you do most of your independent travel?
    If other, please specify: 
  2. How much did you travel during the academic program?  
    If other, please specify:
  3. After the end of the academic program, did you: (choose all that apply)  
    If other, please specify:
  4. How many days after your program ended did you stay to travel or do other things? 

Please comment on any/all aspects of the travel section (above):

VI. Program Preparation
  1. If you felt International Programs could have provided you with additional services, please describe those here:
  2. Please describe any changes you recommend to Berry’s pre-departure orientation.
  3. Please describe any changes you recommend for the orientation at the study abroad site.
  4. Did you consult the information on the IP website before or during your study abroad time?
    If yes, for what reason(s)?

    Please comment on your preparation for this program, and make any recommendations to future students:

VII. Overall
  1. Did your study abroad experience accomplish your goals?
  2. Were there any unexpected/unanticipated outcomes of your time abroad?
    Please comment:
  3. To what extent did study abroad: (1 being a great deal and 5 not at all)
    1. Confirm your career goals
    2. Make you reconsider your career goals
    3. Confirm your major
    4. Make you reconsider your major
    5. Give you a more positive view of people in your host country
    6. Make you glad to be an American (if applicable)
    7. Contribute to your personal development

    Please complete the following statements:
  4. The primary benefits I received from this program are:
  5. The most important piece of advice I would give to a student considering this program is:
  6. I would recommend this program for students who:
  7. I would NOT recommend this program for students who:
  8. If I could change one thing about this program, it would be:
  9. I am satisfied with my study abroad experience. Choose one:
  10. How would you like to make use of the experiences you've had now that you are back on campus?
  11. What opportunities or programs would you like to have made available to you on campus?
  12. What difficulties in adjusting to life in the USA have you experienced since you returned? How have you dealt with this?
  13. May we give your email address to students wishing to participate in this program?
    If yes, please provide email:

If you wish to protect your anonymity but welcome questions from prospective students, please email separately your email address and program name to

  Welcome back and thank you for participating in this survey!