Supporting your student

Your student is embarking on an exciting journey fewer than fifteen percent of US undergraduates take – a term of Education Abroad.  The help and support students receive from family and friends is essential for a positive Education Abroad experience!  As you know, Education Abroad can provide many benefits . . .   

Academically, it is a wonderful opportunity to see a field of study from a different perspective, improve proficiency in another language, or take culture-specific classes they could not take at Berry.  All classes taken abroad are approved by Berry College to fulfill requirements or electives, and grades are figured into the student’s GPA.  Professionally, students can complete an internship and gain insight into a culture through professional work.  These experiences can develop skills employers are looking for, such as functioning as a team member and the ability to interact with individuals different from yourself.

Developmentally, Berry students have reported the ability to adapt, an acceptance of different beliefs and a greater sense of independence from studying abroad.  That independence can begin as students prepare for the experience.  Through researching options, applying to programs, completing visa applications, etc., students will develop skills to cope with the kinds of situations that will arise while they are overseas.  

How can you support your student?  On this site are some suggestions for before, during and following the Education Abroad experience.  For more information, check out A Parent Guide to Study Abroad, published by the Institute for International Education and AIFS, leaders in Education Abroad.  Please keep in mind, while this is a wonderful resource, it is not specific to Berry College. If you have questions about the program your student has selected, please contact International Programs or the Faculty Director.