Berry College Groups Traveling Abroad

(Non-Credit Bearing Programs)

Sports teams, music groups and Model UN are just a few Berry College student groups that have enhanced their activities with travel abroad.  As with our Education Abroad programs, there are a few procedures prior to departure. 

Group leaders should: 
- contact the IP Director about their plans and complete the form with information about their program. Note the College does not usually allow student groups to travel to countries listed on the US Department of State Travel Warning list. Please read Berry's policy on this topic.
- collect completed waiver of liability and health information/emergency treatment form (located in sidebar) from each student and submit originals to IP; athletes traveling with a team are exempt from the health examination  
- share the group insurance policy with the students (see left) 
- take copies of the health/emergency form on the program; copies can be made by the leader or IP, according to the wishes of the leader. 
- email copies of each traveler's passport photo page to 
- register the group with US Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

IP will:      
- order insurance for the group and charge appropriate account 
- provide copy of crisis plan and incident report form to group leader(s) 
- provide additional health & safety, cultural or other information if requested 

Depending on the purpose of travel, insurance cost will be approximately $1.50 per day (with 10 day minimum) plus $9.85 per month per student. If students need to deposit payments, create an OT account so your payments can be made out of this. Contact  Carol Story in the Business and Finance Office (ext. 1727), to create this “Other Charges” account. You'll need to provide her with a campus box number to send the statements. 

Spouses and other dependents traveling with the group should complete the insurance form for dependents in the side-bar.  Note that iNext does not cover travelers under the age of 13; consider purchasing coverage for this age group from HTH Worldwide. iNext insurance fees for Berry dependents will be charged to the employee's account.  Non-Berry employees traveling with the group who are not dependents should complete the insurance form for non-college employees and pay the insurance company directly. Dependents should complete the "release for visitors" in the sidebar. Submit these to the IP office. 

Please stay current with the  US Department of State advisories and information from the  Overseas Security Advisory Council.  You may consider providing students with consular information sheets, found on the same website, for the country/countries where you will be traveling. 

Please contact the IP office at ext. 4065 with any questions. 

Bon Voyage!