Support Your Student Pre-Departure

Berry College provides orientation, insurance and other pre-departure resources.  You may wish to consider doing the following:

  • Research the program and destination that your student is considering to alleviate any concerns.  What type of program is it?  Where will my student be living?  What safety measures does the program have in place?  Why has my student decided that this is the right program for her/him? 
  • Familiarize yourself with the Berry College policies by reviewing the Berry College International Programs Handbook and relevant website pages.
  • Keep copies of important documents for your student. This includes a copy of the student's passport photo page and visa pages, medical prescriptions, credit card numbers and social security number. Have your student provide you with all relevant contact information, so you can reach him/her in case of emergency. 
  • Don’t have a passport?  Consider applying for one in the unlikely case of emergency or to visit your student after their program.  Learn more at

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