The semester prior to departure

If you are planning to use your Berry financial aid on a semester study abroad program, you must have been approved by the International Programs Committee to study abroad on a Berry-approved program, paid your non-refundable $300 tuition deposit, be registered at Berry during your study abroad semester and attend all orientations. During pre-registration the semester prior to departure, International Programs will authorize approved students to register for STA 305. Ask your academic adviser to clear you so you can register.  Once registered, your course load will be listed at 12 hours. Do not worry if you will actually be taking more than 12 hours - once Berry receives your transcript, the Registrar will list the exact course names and credit hours you earned onto Viking Web.  If you complete more than 18 credit hours, you will be charged an overload for each hour above 18.  If you are unsure of the number of credits you will receive on the program, contact the IP Director.

If planning to study abroad in transient status, Berry institutional aid will not apply to your study abroad program, and you will pay the program directly. You will need to complete a transient form with all required signatures before leaving campus.  Be sure to consult the Berry catalog on major/minor requirements -- a specific number of upper-level hours in the major and minor must be completed in residence.  If you have loans, consult your lending institution for their policies if you are not attending Berry that semester.

Students must have host institution courses approved by Berry College department Chairs, school Deans and in some cases the Provost before studying abroad. Students studying abroad through Berry complete the course substitution form, which you receive from the International Programs Director during your advising session. Students studying abroad transient receive the transient form instead of the course substitution form. Students taking classes in English in a country where English is not the native language are required to take one course in the host language. If your schedule changes when you arrive to your host country, email the IP Director the description of the new course, along with the Berry course/requirement it is to fulfill. The IP Director will forward the request for approval to the appropriate Chair and Dean and inform you of their decision.  Approval for these new courses is not guaranteed.

The semester prior to return

The week before pre-registration, you will receive an email from the International Programs Director reminding you to log on to Viking Web to look at available courses for the next semester. The Registrar also sends newsletters about pre-registration. (IP is not responsible for full mailboxes!) After selecting courses, you must contact your academic adviser to discuss your selection. You may register online as soon as registration opens; however, your adviser still needs to clear you before you can register. If you are studying abroad in the spring and plan to register for a summer class, be sure you have been cleared for summer and fall.  When thinking about which Berry courses to take, consider those that might build upon your study abroad experience.  Have you developed new interests and skills that Berry classes might help to enhance? 

A note about transcripts

Transcripts from study abroad sites take longer to receive than Berry College transcripts -- six weeks or longer is not unusual. Berry requires that students complete 80% of attempted credit hours per semester. If your transcript is not available by the time Financial Aid calculates this, Berry has no evidence of completed hours.  Students for whom no transcript is yet available will receive a notice from Financial Aid, reminding the student of the need to complete the 80% in order to maintain satisfactory progress and eligibility for financial aid.  Financial Aid, Student Accounts and the Registrar’s office have lists of current study abroad students so are aware of their situation, and students’ Financial Aid is not in jeopardy as long as they have maintained eligibility.  In order to avoid your next semester’s classes being removed from the system, contact Student Business Services Manager Tammy Vaughn at 706-236-2235 to make a minimum payment that will hold your classes.

If you are in a situation where you need your grades quickly, you must make arrangements with your host institution before you leave for the transcript to be sent to Berry College earlier. Remember you are working under the procedures of the host institution, so even if you request, they might be unable to accommodate you.  

Once your transcript has been evaluated by the Berry Registrar and is put into Viking Web, be sure to confirm that the classes you took fulfill the requirements you had originally indicated on your course substitution form.  This can be done by reviewing your advising worksheet on Viking Web.  If there is a discrepancy or you completed a course abroad that was not indicated on your substitution form, complete the post-STA substitution form.  It is your responsibility to make sure the classes you took abroad appropriately fulfill the Berry requirements.

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