During and Post Abroad

Support While Your Student is Abroad

  • Be supportive of and confident in your student.  Always keep lines of communication open, but maintain a level of distance.  It is by overcoming difficulties that your student will rise to a new level of independence.
  • Try to remain calm if your student doesn't call at the designated time – especially upon arrival. Plans can change, arrivals can be delayed . . . have a backup plan to reach your student.
  • Familiarize yourself with the phases of cultural adjustment so you can recognize them in your student.  Complaints about the host culture, for example, could be a reaction to the discomfort that accompanies living in a place that has different values, expectations and practices. 

Support When Your Student Comes Home

  • Your student will likely return home a changed individual. She or He may be more independent and mature and could possibly have difficulties readjusting to life back home.  Some of your student’s relationships could change, too.  Help your student talk through these changes.
  • Cultural adjustment repeats itself at home!  Just as your student went through a patterns of ups and downs while studying abroad, she or he is likely to have the same experience upon returning.  Be patient with your student and listen to them. What helped them adjust in the host country?  Could these apply to re-entry as well?
  • Some students return from study abroad with vastly changed ideas about what they want to do in their careers and lives.  Encourage your student to connect with Berry’s Career Center to discuss how to fit the study abroad experience into a career path.
  • Remind your student of the opportunities Berry has for returnees to share their stories.  A welcome back event, International Opportunities Fair and the Berry International Club are available for them to connect with other returnees and the Berry College community. Visit our Returning Home webpage.

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