Scholarship Competition

International Experiences Scholarship Competition 
Funding available for students studying on approved programs. Eligible students may apply for summer and semester awards.  

Scholarships of up to $500 for Summer 2019. Click here to see how you can apply through Berry Abroad!
Download summer scholarship application, and consult the list of eligible summer programs. Scholarship recipients must study abroad through Berry and pay Berry tuition. Please compare the cost of studying abroad through Berry at the per credit hour with studying as transient directly with the study abroad program. Minimum GPA of 3.0 required. Deadline: February 11

Summer 2019 Grant for International Service or Research     
Grant of up to $4000 to engage in a service or research project outside the United States during summer for at least 2 weeks. Contact ext. 4065 to discuss your proposal and obtain application. Deadline: February 11

Scholarship to study in South Korea, Summer 2019.  
Bahrom International Program in South Korea - spend July learning about the culture of South Korea. Earn 3 credit hours toward the 5th humanities requirement. Late June-late July. Minimum GPA of 2.75 required.  See Berry's BIP webpage for application procedures. Deadline: February 11 

Scholarships of $1000 and more for Spring 2019. Deadline: September 25
Minimum GPA of 2.75 required for IE scholarships. The following awards may be available and may have higher GPA requirements:  
Cathy & Bert Clark Scholarship of up to $5000
Kathleen Granrose Scholarship for Spanish major or minor going to Spain for a semester
Robert W. Gardner and Alice Huffard Richards semester scholarships
Amy J. Johnson Scholarship for females studying humanities or social sciences in the Middle East or other developing nation
Alice Huffard Richards Scholarship
Christa de Berdt International Programs Scholarship for World Languages and Cultures majors or minors studying in a country where that language is spoken

Note there is one application for all semester IE scholarships. You do not need to indicate which scholarship you are applying for.
Check the list of approved semester programs. Students must be enrolled at Berry College to receive the award and may not study as transient students. Schedule an appointment at ext. 4065 to discuss the semester study abroad application process. 

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