Staff Opportunities

Cultural Immersion Grant - Each spring the International Experiences Committee awards a grant of up to $3,000 to immerse a college staff member in an unfamiliar culture outside the United States for 1-2 weeks (this may be an English-speaking country). Activities can include language learning, visits to partner institutions or other professional development opportunities. The time abroad does not count against annual leave.  Download the application and IE Grant budget forms. See example of a successful application. Deadline: January 15, 2018. See application for funding period.

Previous recipients:

Ms. Diane Land, 2007
Ms. Tammy Errigo, 2008
Mr. Mark Hannah, 2009
Ms. Cindy Marchant (staff exchange), 2010 
Ms. Toni Francis, 2011
Ms. Mary Niedrach, 2012
Mr. Harold Nally, 2013
Mr. James Story, 2014
Ms. Robin Holt, 2016

Please note Berry does not ordinarily support travel of faculty, staff and students to countries under a  US Department of State travel warning. Please refer to Berry's policy on travel warnings in the sidebar. If you have questions about the eligibility of a program based on its location, contact the Director of International Experiences.

Taking a group abroad? Non credit-bearing programs are often organized by coaches and other staff members. Click here for information. 

Other Opportunities   

Semester at Sea provides work abroad opportunities for the exploration and study of many of the people, places and cultures around the world. Professional opportunities are available for staff employed in administrative positions for each voyage. Staff positions are available in many roles, including but not limited to Academic Dean, Nurse, and Photographer.

CIEE International Development Seminars are short-term, concentrated, educational experiences designed to open eyes to a variety of issues shaping the world today. Expect one or two intensive weeks of: lectures given by local faculty; lively discussions; and coordinated site visits to academic, economic, educational, environmental, historic, political, religious, and social institutions. Administrators from the community college through university level with any academic concentration are encouraged to apply. Participants do not need to be experts on the seminar topic or region.  

Center for Global Education These short-term travel seminars take learning adults around the world on one- to three-week experiences that bring participants face-to-face with people of other cultures. Participants have a unique opportunity to examine the root causes of poverty and oppression, explore the dynamics of development, and discover the spirit of hope lived out by people working for social change. 

Additional Information  

Insurance - When traveling internationally, faculty and staff are required to have health and evacuation coverage. Please complete this insurance form in its entirety so that International Experiences can order your insurance.

How it works - Procedures for students applying to study abroad are available. If your advisee is planning to study abroad, click here!   

Presentations - Interested in presenting on your international experience? Contact the Director of International Experiences to arrange it.