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Expand your horizons and find your place.

At Berry you will have a backdrop as broad as your ambitions and as specialized as your specific career path. Our campus is extremely large (27,000 acres for research, running, hiking, contemplation, etc.), exceptionally beautiful and home to a variety of unique resources for hands-on learning – all staffed by students.

2100+ students Green bullet 14:1 acres-to-students ratio Green bullet 90 minutes from Atlanta & 75 from Chattanooga Green bullet 88 miles of trails Green bullet nearly two times larger than Manhattan Green bullet 1:1 deer-to-student ratio

Here you will find a purposeful four-year integration of intellectual discovery, practical learning, and personal reflection guided by your community of mentors. Schedule your visit to campus today!

Be taught and teach others in return.

Student participating in Soil lab on our 27,000 acre campusOur visionary founder, Martha Berry, believed in the importance of selfless service and the transformative impact of education. She championed the power of people helping people. She had the daring of an entrepreneur. She saw the possibility of positive change and worked without pause to make it happen. Which is to say, she was a lot like our students. If you see yourself in the spirit and values of our legendary founder, come take your part in her legacy while building your own.

11:1 student-to-faculty ratio Green bullet 95% of professors hold the highest degree in their field Green bullet 3 lab schools for education majors Green bullet 20+ countries for study abroad

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Grasp an idea and shape it with your hands.

One of our founding principles is that hard work is essential to character development. We also happen to think it looks great on a resume. As a Berry student, you can experience the equivalent of eight consecutive paid internships during your college years, working in teams to run most of the College's operations, building seniority as you go, and taking on substantial leadership roles by the time you graduate. There is no other college where learning, life and work are so purposefully related.

More than 1,000 job titles, including:
IT tech Green bullet mountain burn controller Green bullet referee Green bullet bio researcher Green bullet teaching assistant Green bullet concert organizer Green bullet cook Green bullet landscaper Green bullet equine farm operator Green bullet office manager Green bullet business assistant Green bullet personal trainer Green bullet ropes course instructor Green bullet musician Green bullet broadcast engineer Green bullet dairy hand
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Explore the world and make it your own!