Decision Overview

When will I hear from berry?

The expected notification dates are listed below. Students who submitted all of their application materials by the selected deadline will begin to hear back on the corresponding date. 

Admission Option Type Application Deadline Notification
Early Decision Binding November 1 Begins December 1
Early Action
Non-binding November 1
Begins December 15
Regular Decision  Non-binding January 15 Begins February 15 

What does my status or decision mean?

The application process has several stages and potential decisions. An explanation of each admission stage and decision can be found below. 



Pending is the status that indicates a student has submitted some application materials, but that the application is incomplete due to a missing part (or parts). Each student's VikingWeb portal will indicate which pieces of the application have yet to be submitted. If you cannot find that list on VikingWeb, please email or call the office at 706.232.5374.


Review is the status that indicates a student has submitted all parts of the application, but a decision has not yet been made. Below is a chart indicating when notifications will begin to be released to students:

More information about each of these timelines can be found here. We appreciate your patience while your application is carefully reviewed by our admissions committee. 


Waitlist is the deferral of an admission decision to Berry College, typically until May. Students offered a position on the Berry College waitlist must accept their place on the paper form included with their waitlist letter and return it via mail. Wait-listed students will be notified of a final admissions decision in May - June. 



A careful review of the student's credentials indicates that he / she will be successful in the academic programs offered at Berry College. If you are admitted, Congratulations! You can find out your next steps here


An holistic review of a student's credentials indicates that he / she may not be academically successful at Berry College and is not offered admission at this time.