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What kind of health records are required?

  1. Two Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccinations. One before 12 months of age and one after 12 months of age.
  2. Menomune or Menactra vaccination prior to enrollment.
  3. A copy of your current health insurance card.
  4. A completed health history form.

These documents will be available on VikingWeb to admitted students who have submitted an enrollment deposit.

Alternatively, you may request these forms by email at this address: healthserv@berry.edu.

Does the Health and Wellness Center give allergy shots?

The health and wellness center does give allergy shots; check on the health and wellness website for the guidelines for students receiving those shots.

Health and Wellness Center FAQ page 

Are students permitted to have a car on campus?

All students are permitted to have a car on campus. Students must have their vehicle properly registered with campus police and must park in a student parking lot.

How does Berry College keep the campus safe?

Berry College is a gated community that has a 24-hour certified Georgia police department on campus. The residence halls have electronically operated entrances and well-lit walkways and doorways. Residence hall parking is well-lit and convenient. Campus parking passes are required for all vehicles parked on campus.

Berry College Police Department 

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