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Though cost is probably on your mind as you think about college, don’t forget about the importance of value. In other words, where will your education lead you? What skills and experience will it provide? What connections will it create? What doors will it open?

Learn more about all that Berry has to offer. But for a quick assurance that an investment in Berry will be worth every penny: 97 percent of our graduating students say their Berry education led to a job or acceptance to graduate or professional school.

Know this: the vast majority of Berry students receive financial assistance—from a variety of sources—whether Berry scholarships, need-based financial aid from Berry or government grants.

Which is to say, when considering college costs, be sure to look past the published sticker price. Colleges and universities offer various forms of financial assistance to lower costs for families who need additional support. Berry is especially generous in this regard.

Berry invests heavily in making sure that students from a wide variety of financial backgrounds have access to this education, awarding more than $36 million each year in scholarships and aid.

It’s a priority that goes back to our founding and remains an essential core of our mission.

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