beekeeper, admissions extraordinaire

Maggie_Stansell_PortraitMaggie Stansell 17c

Major: Communications

Hometown: Rome, Georgia

I grew up with Berry just down the road. I liked the fact that I could work on campus and get used to being held accountable in that way. It was going to be my first experience doing a time-sheet and having a supervisor and I wanted to begin saving as much money as possible before I graduated. I could see myself at Berry, if that makes sense. I could see myself going to class and working there. I knew there were opportunities to better myself and my life in a way that I could share with others. 

While at Berry, the most meaningful connection I have made is definitely with the students that I am surrounded with. In both of my jobs as Student Director of the Office of Admission and Hive Manager for The Berry Bees, I have been able to spend so much time with fellow students who are some of the greatest people I have ever met. I am a commuter so it is sometimes hard to make connections with fellow students living off-campus, but through work I have met so many awesome people. Connecting with families through the admissions process are also extremely rewarding, especially when I see them become students here. 

My job has added so much depth to my student experience. I was giving tours to groups of 25 people before I even took my speech class. In my opinion, it is much easier to speak in front of fellow college students than it is to speak to prospective students and their families. This made speaking in front of class and with my professors so much easier, and ultimately it made me a better adult. Learning phone skills Maggie_Stansell_Kneeling seems like such a small thing but when you need to call and set up appointments or do phone interviews with prospective employers, it makes the "cold call" so much easier, and I feel much more ready for the real world when I leave this community. 

Berry has equipped me with skills for life after college that center around being more professional. I have had the chance to sit in on search committees to hire staff and it has been so rewarding to be on that side of the interview process; it makes me feel so ready to be the person interviewing. I have also been able to be in charge of projects here at the office that hold me accountable to my responsibilities.

The campus has really become a fantastic sense of community. While I do not live on campus, as a commuter I feel so welcome here. I have enjoyed getting to know fellow students, especially in my major. Due to the small class size, I usually have the same classes within my major with the same people I have known since my freshman year, so it makes forming study groups really great! 

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