Maria Santos HeadshotMaria Santos 16c

Major: biochemistry

Hometown: marietta, Georgia

Berry is more than just a four year educational experience. My entire experience always felt holistic and personal. In addition to all of the hands-on lab work and clinical experience I have accumulated over the years, I have made long lasting relationships that I know will always stay with me. Berry allowed me to truly know the people I went to school with, and grow with them during my time here.  I have made a variety of meaningful connections throughout my time at Berry, but the most meaningful was probably my adviser (and research supervisor) Dr. Lindsey Davis in the Chemistry Department. She has been a great mentor and friend to me for the past three years and I would definitely not be who I am today if I had not met her. 

When people ask me- "How did you find Berry? Wasn't it weird to move from Atlanta to a smaller town?" I always tell them that the location of Berry was ideal for what I was looking for when I graduated high school. Rome is a medical hub with three hospitals and several clinics that allow pre-medical students to get plenty of shadowing hours and basic clinical experience.

Maria Santos in LabIn addition, I love being outdoors and was looking for a city that would had a variety of opportunities for outdoor recreation. With 88 miles of trails on campus, and 27,000 acres to explore, there is always something to do! The small class sizes were really appealing and made me feel like more than just a number. The personal relationships that I've been able to build with my professors have definitely helped as I've applied to medical school.   

As part of the Honors Program, I have had the chance to complete an Honors Thesis in organic chemistry, specifically organocatalysis. Organocatalysis is a field in organic chemistry where chemists synthesize organic compounds that are able to speed up organic reactions. My adviser and I started working on this project about a year and half ago and we are hoping to present our research at the American Chemical Society Conference in San Diego. After graduation, I plan to attend medical school and eventually become a physician. I am currently in the interview process, and will be notified just before graduation day. Wish me luck!

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