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Welcome to Berry!

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Welcome to Berry!

Congratulations! Are you relishing in this life-defining moment? You’ve earned it through consistent hard work. Through showing up and digging in. Celebrate! You did it!

You have much to offer the Berry community and we have much to offer you.

As you consider where you’ll be most successful, think of Berry as a place:

  • To spend your college years ensuring that your intellectual life is purposefully related to your real-world work experiences – and to your growth as a person
  • To get eight (guaranteed!) semesters of paid, hands-on, professional development experiences and the related skills and resume enhancements
  • To belong to a community with a 120-year legacy of mentorship, built on the belief that people can – and should – make each other better
  • To build a second home on a campus that is not just the world’s largest, but arguably its friendliest and most beautiful
  • To wake up each morning knowing that the people of Berry are thinking of your day-to-day learning and experiences in the context of your eventual career

Berry will get you to where you want to go.

Tips for Future Vikings:

Check your MyBerry Page

MyBerry is your source for information about your next steps at Berry College. It’s where you can pay your deposit, learn more about scholarships, access enrollment forms, and register for orientation.

To log in to MyBerry, follow these easy steps:

  1. Head to MyBerry
  2. Log in with the email and password associated with your application.
  3. Forgot your password? Click on “Can't access your account?” and you can go through a process to reset your access. If you have any trouble, contact your admission counselor or

Visit Campus

You may have visited us before you were accepted. But that was before. Now it’s after. After you know that you can call this place your home. We’d love to see you on campus and to show you around your new home.

You can visit nearly any day on your own or join us for one of our admitted student celebration events (described below). 

  • Decision Berry
    Decision Berry
     is your chance to be a Berry student for the day. You’ll meet with professors, get to know other incoming and current students, hear about life at Berry and more! And even better, you’ll get to tell us what interests you most so we can build a custom visit just for you! Learn more about Decision Berry.

  • Berry Bound
    Want to know what life is like on the world’s largest campus (laboratory, field site, playground)? Berry Bound is for you. Assuming the weather is on our side, you’ll hike on the mountain campus with current students, learn about the BOLD (Berry Outdoor Leadership Development) program, connect with professors and attend campus events. It’s your opportunity to learn more about the home you’ll build and the community you’ll have when you’re a Berry student.  Learn more about Berry Bound.

Whatever you choose will be right for you. If you need help, reach out to your admission counselor. We’d love to learn more about what you want to do during your trip so we can help you pick the experience that fits you.

Your First Year at Berry

Here, the path of your intellect, the substance of your days and the arc of your personal growth are carefully related – reinforced and amplified through practice and reflection. We do it this way for two time-tested reasons:

  1. The stronger your foundation, the higher your ceiling.
  2. The deeper your values, the steadier your path.

You’ll get started immediately through the First-Year Experience course, a seminar where you think about where you want to go and begin to chart a path forward. You’ll be asked what is most important to you now and what you think will be most important to you on graduation day. You’ll have time to reflect on your responses. To change your mind. To see how you grow over the semester. You’ll find surprises along the way. You’ll be driven by the notion that you can (and will) make the world a better place.

Find out more about BCC 100. LEARN MORE ABOUT LIFEWORKS. See a complete list of clubs & organizations. CHECK OUT OUR LIVING AT BERRY BROCHURE.

Explore Your New Community—Rome

Information about Rome:

Looking for those practical things like local hotels, weather and directions? Start here. Learn more about what Rome has to offer.


Admissions Top Picks:

Yep, we live and play here too. Check out some of our favorite restaurants and other places to explore off campus.

Check Back Often!

We’re so excited for you to take your next step by accepting our invitation into this special community. Over the next few months, this page will change as you approach the end of one chapter in your life and the beginning of another. To stay up to date on what’s happening here, bookmark this page and check back frequently.

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