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Be taught. Teach others in return.

For over 100 years Berry has followed the same blueprint for an undergraduate education that is not just unique but impossible to duplicate. At Berry College, students will find a purposeful four-year integration of intellectual discovery, practical learning and personal reflection guided by our community of mentors. We’ve been doing it this way since our founding in 1902, and 90% of our graduates cite having two or more mentors who encourage intellectual risk while holding out a safety net to guide students’ paths.

Find an acre. Reflect on what you learn.

We view education as a partnership with our students. We make sure that the studies, experiences and personal growth of each student are thoughtfully related and deepened through reflection. We believe this gives our students the context and substance that leads to lasting deep learning. Students are asked to bring their full selves to the community and to act as open, engaged, respectful agents of exchange – within and beyond the classroom. Berry’s 27,000 acres make it twice the size of the next largest college campus. But the important story is what our students do with all that space—from field research across a variety of ecosystems to running entrepreneurial ventures to every conceivable form of outdoor recreation.

Work hard. The rest will follow.

The Berry College LifeWorks program has been distinguishing our culture and education since the college’s inception. At Berry students have the opportunity to log the equivalent of eight consecutive paid internships – earning money while learning on the job, logging significant professional experience and evolving into dream employees. The average Berry student logs 1,200 hours of paid professional experience by graduation!

Choose a path. Make a life.

The result of our unique approach to education? Students graduate having gathered a formidable collection of experiences, skills, smarts and self-confidence – all reliable ingredients for career success and personal satisfaction. More importantly, our students graduate with a clear sense of where they are headed and the steady gait of a person who knows why the path chosen is important not only to them, but to the world. But don’t take our word for it, we are proud that 72% of our students have meaningful jobs or grad school acceptances on graduation day. Six months later, that number rises to 96% and our acceptance rates to medical (97%), veterinary (82%) and law school (95%) far surpass the national average acceptance rate for each program.

Get busy. Be involved.

We are proud of our community that supports our students so that 82% return for their second year, 79% of graduates complete a significant research project or internship, and nearly one-third of our students are competing on NCAA Division III athletic teams.

Visit campus. Broaden your horizons.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you personally to answer any questions about Berry, our
students and what we can do to help you as you work with your students; feel free to call or email anytime. We will also have two counselor visit days, so if you haven’t visited in some time (or ever) let us know and we will work with you to schedule your trip to Berry.


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