Discover - Freshman meetings/activities focus on helping students gain better understanding of personal strengths, interests, and talents; encouraging engagement with campus community through academics, work, service, and student activities while also getting to know their Guide.


Develop - Sophomore meetings/activities focus on helping students assess whether they are pursuing the most appropriate major(s) and minors, co-curricular activities, on-and off-campus work, and service that will allow them to use and develop strengths, explore interests, and pursue aspirations. This year includes a meeting inviting others invested in the student’s education to join the conversation.


Deepen - Junior meetings/activities focus on helping student connect with challenging opportunities and/or continue to deepen experiences they are already invested in and begin to integrate those opportunities with their academic interests. Discussions should shift focus from self-discovery to community investment while researching next steps for entry-level jobs and graduate work in their field, pushing them to consider opportunities they may not have taken advantage of and/or gaps in their experience/resumes.


Demonstrate - Senior meetings/activities focus on helping students balance reflection on the past four years with anticipation for what comes after Berry. Discussions should help students integrate Berry experiences, head, hands, and heart and encourage students to finish strong while setting goals for life outside Berry

Example Activities

• Orientation – Historical significance of scholarship, charge to students, and team-building exercises

• Lettie Pate Mates/Family Dinners – Upper classmen paired with lower classmen to get to know each other and talk about older students’ experiences at Berry thus far in order to encourage young scholars and help them get acquainted with Berry

• One-on-One mid semester meetings - Feedback and guidance each semester

• Whitehead Retreat – Opportunity for more team building, voting on service projects, and workshop on goal-setting and academic reflection through digital archiving

• End of Semester Meeting – Reflect on the first semester of college and of the pilot

• Separate activities - based on year in school and the 4D curriculum (Discover, Develop, Deepen, Demonstrate)

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