Alumni Benefits

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We encourage all Berry alums (former Berry students who completed at least 24 credit hours) to continue your relationship with your Berry family after graduation!

As a Berry alumnus or alumna, check out the following benefits available to you:

Social, Cultural, and Networking Events

The Office of Alumni Relations helps coordinate numerous events specifically for Berry alumni throughout the year. In addition, many events at Berry are open to alumni, including:

Berry Career Center

Berry College provides an online job resource system that helps connect alumni with employers for full- and part-time positions. It also allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest career-related activities, workshops, career fairs, and networking opportunities on the Berry campus and beyond.

Go to the Berry Career Central website to sign-up for the Berry Career Central.

Campus Publications

Find out what’s happening on campus and with your fellow alumni with the Berry magazine (2 issues per year) and the Alumni Accent e-newsletter. If you currently do not receive the magazine or e-newsletter but would like to, send your mailing address and preferred e-mail address to

Cage Center Membership

Membership at the Cage Center (Berry's athletic and recreation center) is open to Berry alumni. Please visit the Cage website for more details including hours, membership information and the application form.

Memorial Library

Use of the Memorial Library is open to all Berry alumni.

Alumni Email

Berry alumni are eligible for an email address. Register for your Berry alumni email address

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