The Berry Alumni Association is governed by an Executive Committee and the Alumni Council according to the Association’s constitution and bylaws. Berry’s Office of Alumni Relations coordinates and sponsors alumni programming in partnership with the Association’s Executive Committee and Alumni Council.

Executive Committee

Alumni Council  

Office of Alumni Relations  

Constitution and Bylaws    

Executive Committee

The Berry Alumni Association’s Executive Committee leads the Association and the Alumni Council. The committee consists of the following volunteer officers:  


  • President of the Berry Alumni Association 
  • President-Elect or Immediate Past President 
  • Vice President of Alumni Association Awards 
  • Vice President of Alumni Association Events 
  • Vice President of Financial Support 
  • Vice President of Young Alumni & Student Relations 
  • Vice President of Berry Heritage 


  • Chaplain 
  • Historian
  • Parliamentarian 
  • Secretary 

Ex Officio: 

  • Director of Alumni Relations 

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is led by the Alumni Association’s Executive Committee. It is an elected body of Berry alumni volunteers who fulfill the provisions of the Association's constitution and its bylaws. The council makes decisions and takes all actions within the purview of the Association except those specifically requiring action by the Association.   

Members of the Alumni Council are elected, with the exception of a few seats that are appointed by the Alumni Association President. Alumni Council members serve as advisors to the Office of Alumni Relations and other areas of Berry’s Department of Advancement in matters of programs and connections with alumni. The Alumni Council consists of: 

  • Alumni Association Executive Committee members (see above) 
  • Elected alumni 
  • Past Alumni Association Presidents who choose to serve on the Council 
  • Lifetime Alumni Council members 
  • Presidents of alumni chapters and other official affiliate organizations 
  • Ex officio members consisting of the presidents of the Berry Student Government Association and of the Senior, Junior, and Sophomore classes 

The Council contains six standing committees. These committees are: the Executive Committee, the Committee for Association Awards, the Committee for Alumni Events, the Committee for Financial Support, the Committee for Berry Heritage and the Committee for Young Alumni and Student Relations. The Executive Committee is chaired by the Alumni Association president and all other committees are chaired by Alumni Association vice presidents. In addition, the Parliamentarian chairs the Association's Constitution and Bylaws Committee each year. The annual Nominating Committee is chaired by either the Immediate Past President or President-Elect. Other committees may be appointed by the President as needed.

Nominate a Berry alumnus/a to serve on the Alumni Council   

Office of Alumni Relations  

With advice, leadership and volunteer support from the Alumni Association’s Executive Committee and Alumni Council, Berry’s Office of Alumni Relations coordinates and sponsors opportunities and ways for alumni to engage with Berry and stay connected to each other. The Office of Alumni Relations consists of a team of staff and student workers housed in the Berry Alumni Center, located in the Ford Buildings.