Golden Guard

Golden Guard Induction Pin

Golden Guard Induction

Alumni who have been Berry Alumni Association members for 50 years or more are automatically included in the Golden Guard. Members are officially inducted into the Golden Guard at a special ceremony during the Alumni Weekend of their class’s 50th year reunion.

At the Golden Guard induction ceremony, new members receive a special Golden Guard lapel pin to promote pride in longstanding affiliation with Berry and to make a statement of affirmation in Berry’s heritage, principles and values.

Golden Guard members are called upon to help guard Berry’s heritage, promote the Berry principles, help keep Berry strong for future generations of students, carry
the Berry legacy into their lives,and preserve Berry’s history.

Special Seating during Mountain Day Grand March

During the Mountain Day Grand March each October, Golden Guard members are invited to sit on the front porch of Pine Lodge to enjoy the traditional Mountain Day picnic and Grand March from this prime shaded location.