Berry College Honorary Alumni Nomination

Criteria for the Berry College Honorary Alumni status:

1. The nominee must have provided distinctive service to Berry College. 

a. Service may be in the form of time, talents, and/or financial resources.

b. The length of continuous service to the college as well as the impact of the service will be noted.

c. The nominee’s service demonstrates a support of the Berry College mission.

2. The nominee must have attended Berry less than one academic year and/or have earned less than 24 semester hours (36 quarter hours).

3. The nominee must not be an associate member (associate membership is conferred upon the spouse of an association member).

4. The nominee must have the highest personal integrity and character.




Name of Nominee:    
Address of Nominee:    
Phone of Nominee:    
E-Mail of Nominee:    
Nominee Occupation and Title:    
Submitted By: Class Year:   
Nominator's Phone:    
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Please describe the nominee’s service to Berry College, and explain why the nominee should be considered for honorary alumni status.  Comment on length and impact of service when appropriate.


Please submit form or print and return to the Office of Alumni Relations.