Berry Alumni Quilters

The Berry Alumni Quilters meet during Work Week to make a new quilt and repair old quilts that have been handed down from generation to generation. Those made during Work Week are sold at the Silent Auction at the end of Work Week.

Twice during the year, the members meet for both planning and working sessions in order to make Work Week successful.  This year, the fall meeting will be held on the Friday before Mountain Day.  The second meeting will be held at a yet to be scheduled date in the Spring before Work Week to lay the final plans for Work Week.

Some of the members take materials home and work on assembling parts of a quilt top or making knitted items such as caps or crocheting items such as snowmen, scarves, etc.  They are fiber artists in the truest sense.

Quilts are used for a variety of purposes besides providing cover to keep one warm on a cold night.  They are often used as wall hangings with some telling a story.  There is one in Habersham Electric Membership Co-operation that depicts the history of the organization from its beginnings to the time of the making of the quilt.

The photos at right show some of the quilts made by the Berry Alumni Quilters and placed at the House of Dreams on the mountain.

Crew Chief: Tanya Campbell

Writer: Willard Ferguson