Program Quick Facts

Presidential Ambassadors in Kilpatrick CommonsWhat is a Presidential Ambassador? 

A Presidential Ambassador is a Berry student volunteer who has been selected and trained to represent the Berry student community for a range of high profile campus events and guests.

How many Presidential Ambassadors are there? 

We typically have about 100 Presidential Ambassadors serving each year.

What do Presidential Ambassadors do? 

Presidential Ambassadors assist with events and guests of the offices of the President, Advancement, Admissions, Alumni Relations and other departments across campus. One of their primary activities is giving tours to guests, so they are expected to be knowledgeable about our campus. Other Presidential Ambassador activities include, but are not limited to, hosting prospective students for overnight stays, serving on Discover Berry student panels, sharing meals with the Board of Trustees or Board of Visitors, assisting with the Gloria Shatto Lecture event, serving as ushers during commencement and much more.

Are Presidential Ambassadors paid? 

Presidential Ambassadors serve this elite group on a volunteer basis and are not paid.

Why should I consider being a Presidential Ambassador? 

Serving as an Ambassador allows students to develop their interpersonal, networking and communication skills, and to contribute to the Berry College community in greater depth. They have the opportunity to assist with a wide range of campus guests – such as alumni, national and international dignitaries, donors and other Berry friends, prospective students and their parents, and guest speakers like Tony Dungy, Ben Carson or Steve Forbes. For some campus activities, the Presidential Ambassadors are the only current students called upon for assistance. The ultimate goal is for all Presidential Ambassadors to gain experiences that will benefit them in their future endeavors.

How are Presidential Ambassadors selected? 

To be considered as a Presidential Ambassador, students must first be nominated by a faculty or staff member. Once nominated, students are invited to apply. Selected applicants are then invited to interview and the final Presidential Ambassadors are chosen from the interview process. Please note that the selection process takes place once a year, during Fall semester.

When will the Presidential Ambassador selection process take place? 

The selection process for Presidential Ambassadors takes place once a year, during Fall semester. The selection process typically begins in early November. All faculty, staff and students are notified by campus e-mail when the selection process begins. Interviews typically take place in January and final selections are announced by end of January. Newly selected Presidential Ambassadors are required to attend an orientation session and begin serving Berry College upon completion of this training.

What kind of time commitment does being a Presidential Ambassador involve? 

Most Presidential Ambassadors are serving in other leadership positions across campus. For this reason, there is a minimal time commitment for this program. Ambassadors are required, however, to assist with 4 activities each semester, which vary in nature and typically last anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. Other time commitments include participation in an orientation process and attendance at occasional meetings as well as regularly monitoring emails for related announcements.

What should I do if I want to be nominated for Presidential Ambassador? 

We encourage you to talk to your academic advisor, professors, work supervisors and/or club/organization advisors about your interest in being nominated. All faculty and staff members are eligible to nominate students for Presidential Ambassador consideration.