Presidential Ambassador Applicants

How it works

To be selected as a Presidential Ambassador, students must first be nominated by a faculty or staff member. Once nominated, students are invited to apply. Selected applicants are then invited to interview and the final Presidential Ambassadors are chosen from the interview process. 

The selection process will begin in early November when faculty/staff members are invited to nominate students. All faculty/ staff and students will be notified by campus email that nominations are open. The application and interview process will begin i

Commitment as an Ambassador

Most Presidential Ambassadors are serving in other leadership positions across campus. For this reason, there is a minimal time commitment for this program. Ambassadors are required, however, to assist with 4 activities each semester, which vary in nature and typically last anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. Other time commitments include participation in an orientation process and attendance at occasional meetings as well as regularly monitoring emails for related announcements.