Berry Abroad

While most students are away from the Berry Bubble for the summer, a good number are broadening their horizons by studying abroad.

The Berry College International Programs Department has made it possible for 105 undergraduate and graduate students to participate in classes and programs abroad this summer, along with 12 students in independent programs. Students who opted to participate in independent programs have traveled to places such as England, Nepal, Germany, France and South Africa. Two students received a scholarship to be able to travel to Seoul, South Korea through the Bahrom International Program during July. The three credit hour course satisfies a humanities requirement by teaching students all aspects of Korean culture.

There are several programs available for students who wish to satisfy their course requirements abroad. For an education course that explores diverse cultures, students traveled to Greece and Norway in May. For communication majors who are studying multimedia, Madrid, Spain, was the destination for the month of June. Business students had several different options of what course to take in Jamaica in early May. For a biology course in coral reef ecology, students traveled to Roatan, Honduras this summer.

“My study abroad experience in Roatan, Honduras was one of the most rewarding things I've done in my time at Berry, said Ashton Richardson, an economics major. “I learned about a completely new world in Coral Reef Biology in a third world country. In my firsthand experience I learned more in that two weeks about science than I ever have in a classroom.”

Communication major Lauren Neumann is spending her summer across the pond in Ireland.

“It was such a unique experience to be able to watch some of the World Cup games with the German and Brazilian students,” Neumann said. “Experiences like that are something I'll never forget because it shows that even though people come from different places and backgrounds, it is possible to have genuine respect and an interest for one another.”

Story by Student Public Relations Assistant Koren Shetter and some photos by Public Relations Photographer Lauren Neumann