Ministering Unto


After just two weeks of classes, the newest Berry class of more than 575 students has undergone a rite of passage that is central to the Berry mission.  

On Sept. 6, students participated in the annual First Year Service Day, where freshmen and transfer students are divided into groups and sent into the community employing Martha Berry’s concept of “head, heart and hands” through their volunteerism at several work sites throughout Rome and Floyd County. 

At the Community Kitchen, freshman Jordan Blackmon helped organize the food pantry for the following week. 

“I loved it. I was blown away when I was told about how the Community Kitchen was run and how many volunteers they have yearly. I think it is easy to place yourself at the center of serving but in reality, Berry students became a part of something so much bigger than themselves on First Year Service Day,” said Blackmon.

An important tradition at Berry, First-Year Service Day is intended to introduce students to the community while also strengthening bonds among classmates. 

Blake Petty, a junior animal science major and first-year mentor, was tasked with finding worksites for 30 groups.

Story by Student Public Relations Assistant Nic Diaz. Photos by Student Public Relations photographers Blake Childers, Lauren Neumann and Sara Leimbach.