Building Excitement


College trustees and donors picked up their shovels and broke ground for the new Valhalla stadium.

With Valhalla’s synthetic turf field and eight-lane running surface, the lighted stadium for football, lacrosse, and track and field will finally give these sports a permanent home field. Track and field will become the newest intercollegiate student opportunity, expanding upon the competitive cross country and distance running programs.

“It’s an important milestone in our ongoing effort to enhance this amazing campus and to create places of opportunity for our students, for our friends and for our community,” Berry President Steve Briggs told the crowd of athletes, students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Lead donor Steve Cage, who chose the name Valhalla, said “I wanted to have a single name versus a long winded name and I thought it was appropriate that Valhalla kind of matched all of our efforts.” In Norse mythology, Valhalla refers to the Great Hall of Viking warriors. Cage also dedicated the stadium in honor of President Briggs.

Taking up shovels were Cage (74C), the Berry trustee whose 2012 lead gift initiated fundraising for Valhalla; Bob (62H) and Kay Williams, whose generosity paved the way for the naming of the stadium field; alumni trustees Bert Clark (82C) and Roger Lusby (79C), who led the successful Clark Track Challenge, and Bert’s wife, Cathy; Dr. Ouida Dickey (50C, FFS), who has joined daughters Jennifer (77A, 80C) and Angela (75A, 79C) in making a challenge gift to name the track-and-field throws area for the late Garland M. Dickey (42C); Steve and Michelle Tart, football parents and project supporters; Randy Berry and Barry Griswell (71C), trustees and LifeReady Campaign co-chairs, and Barry’s wife Michele (70C), all major donors to the project; and Board of Trustees Chair Karen Holley Horrell (74C) another major contributor to the fundraising effort to build the stadium. 

Students are excited to finally have a place of their own.

“The addition of Valhalla stadium will allow students and others to come together on campus to celebrate the talent here that we have at Berry, and begin new traditions,” said Student Government Association President Paton Roden.

The service road (Maple Drive) is closed until construction of Valhalla is completed in summer 2015. For more details and images, go to

Written by Student Public Relations Assistant Elizabeth Bradford. Photos by Student Public Relations Photographer Lauren Neumann.