Double Trouble


The Berry College Theatre Company finished off the year on a high note with its rendition of Carlo Goldoni’s “A Servant of Two Masters.

His most famous play, “Servant of Two Masters” was a result of Goldoni’s skillful adaptations of the commedia dell’arte style to his own very funny plots. The story revolved around the complications that arose for servant Truffaldino when he gets two jobs for two different masters at the same time.

Adapted by Tom Cone and directed by John Countryman, “Servant of Two Masters” held seven performances at the E.H. Young Theatre. The cast included Sydney Perry, Stephen Stamps, Cardie McClure, William Neman, Nicky McHugh, Jessica Cannon, AnnaBeth Crittenden, Hayley Westphal, Ethan Hart, McLain Miller, Heather Pharis, Ashlyn Foskey, Gabby Guevara, and Connor Wright. 

Crittenden, who played the part of Smeraldina, loved being a part of the show. 

“I got the opportunity to go onstage every night alongside people I love and respect and share a fantastic show with them. I also loved the opportunity to share the story with the audience each night. Hearing their laughter night after night made all of the hard work we put into this show, completely and totally worth it,” she said.

Junior biology major Anastasia Kolousek enjoyed the performance, especially from Smeraldina.

“She was the best part of the play.  Also, the costumes were on point and the stylized acting fit our theatre well.  It was really funny,” said Kolousek.

Written by Student Public Relations Assistant Nic Diaz and photos by Public Relations Photographer Lauren Neumann