Welcome New Vikings


Enthusiastic first-year mentors and Berry bellhops welcomed Berry’s new students on the first rainy move-in day in more than 30 years .

The incoming class consists of nearly 600 new students hailing from 33 states and 12 countries. At the welcome ceremony President Steve Briggs, Dean of Students Debbie Heida, Provost Kathy Richardson and head SOAR leader Alex Moon provided encouraging words. 

“Fill your years here with special experiences,” President Briggs said. “All of you will graduate with a major and a GPA, but what will set you apart is the way that you assemble experiences and accomplishments that define you distinctively.”

After the ceremony it was time for parents to say goodbye to their freshly-minted college students. 

“It was exciting and nerve-wracking, but having the bellhops was a huge help,” said mom Suzette Roamer from Alpharetta, Ga.

The new students were in for a busy weekend helping them adjust to life on their own and making new memories. Students met their roommates, first-year mentors, participated in team-building exercises and plummeted down the giant slip-n-slide on Mountain Campus.

The slip-n-slide “was the perfect display of controlled madness and fun that brought everyone together despite the mud and heat,” said freshman Josh Hines of Rome, Ga.           

Written by Student Public Relations Supervisor Elizabeth Bradford. Photos by student public relations photographers Lauren Neumann, Sara Leimbach, Lauren Hunter and Shannon Bostic.