Nerdy Fun

In late September and early October, audiences were in for a hilarious treat with Berry College Theatre Company’s performance of “The Nerd” by Larry Shue.

The show focuses on young architect Willum, who has his life upended with the arrival of former army buddy and unbearable house mate, Rick Steadman. Willum along with his close friends, Tansy and Axel, must deal with Rick’s utter lack of social graces before finally concocting a harebrained scheme to convince Rick to leave. The high energy antics, hilarious one-liners and shocking twist ending kept audiences laughing all the way through.

“Being a part of this show was one of the best experiences I've had at Berry,” said Freshman Alex Rodriguez, who played main character Willum. “The show was so fun and the cast was so amazing, friendly and talented.”

“It was an amazing theatrical performance” said audience member Sara Arms, a freshman. “You get to see your close friends and people that you’ve watched form their characters on stage and I just thought that that was amazing.” 

The cast and almost all of the crew was made up of students. For their work in “The Nerd,” the following students were recommended to participate in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region IV conference: Stage Manager Ari Jerome, Actor Tyler Hooper, Actor Hayley Westphall, Hair Designer Gabby Guevara and Sound Designer McLain Miller.

The show ran through Mountain Day weekend, allowing alumni and visitors the chance to see the talented cast and crew. Overall, more than 1,000 people came to laugh while enjoying Berry’s production of “The Nerd.”

Written by Public Relations Student Assistant Jess Bozeman and photos by Student Photographer Lauren Neumann