Falling for Berry

In the South, many gladly embrace fall with the respite from the sweltering summers; however, Berry students have an extra reason to appreciate autumn. Fall means watching the campus go from a summer green to a gorgeous blend of gold, red and brown.

“The vibrant yellow, red and orange leaves add so much color to the campus,” says junior Emilee Burroughs.  

With the vivid colors also comes the cooler but unpredictable weather. North Georgia’s weather can change quickly as students prepare for 80 degree weather one week and 50 degree weather the next.  

“What I love most about Berry in fall, is the crisp mornings and chilly evenings with layers upon layers of clothing,” says junior Nicky McHugh.  

Fall at Berry’s welcomes our famous bald eagles (www.berry.edu/eaglecam) as they begin making nest preparations for a new brood. Hikers, photographers and nature lovers enjoy exploring the beauty of the Old Mill and reservoir on the Mountain Campus.  

Fall also means the celebration of Halloween, injecting some fun into a busy academic schedule. Some of the athletic teams decided to do a little extra this Halloween and wore costumes during their practices.  

“We and our coaches dress up each year and it’s always funny to see what costumes people come up with,” said volleyball player Emily Stromberg. “We take it pretty seriously because each year we compete for the coveted Best Costume trophy.” 

Written by Public Relations Student Assistant Jess Bozeman. Photos by student photographers Shannon Bostic, Sara Leimbach, Lauren Neumann and Sydney Romer.