Finals Fest

Before the semester’s end, Berry students spent one of their final weekends on campus running through clouds of color, jumping off platforms and jamming out to COIN and MisterWives.

The busy weekend began with the annual Block Party, only part one of this new event Finals Fest. Exam Jam, First Year Council and Student Activities came together to create a fun-filled Saturday afternoon with food, exotic animals, a 30-foot stunt jump, tie dye, a hot air balloon and more. The event brought students, staff and faculty together for a loud and eventful afternoon. 

The 6th annual Exam Jam, featured a two-band special with COIN and MisterWives. COIN is a four man ‘product of the 90s’ alternative band who stole the hearts of the audience with their intricate guitar solos and earnest songs about human emotions: falling in (and out of) love, worrying about the future and missing the past. MisterWives is an American indie pop band that rocked the stage with songs from their debut album “Our Own House.” 

“I definitely think that combining these two massive events was well worth it because we reaped double the reward on the night of the event. Knowing that I played a major role in making this lasting memory for our student body is one of the greatest feelings in the world” said Krannert Center Activities Board president Krista Zalewski. “I love this school, the opportunities it provides and the fact that we can have a hot air balloon and food trucks on campus just hours before a MisterWives concert. Finals Fest year one was a major success, and I'm so glad that we established this new campus tradition.”

Sophomore Exam Jam committee member Kassie Jones said “being a part of the event staff for Finals Fest was a thrill!”

The event-filled weekend came to a close with the fourth annual Color Me Berry, a 5K trail run and fun walk. Students and staff followed Berry’s motto of service and philanthropy by participating in the color-blasted fun run to help raise money for visually impaired children in Floyd County. And runners explored Berry’s nature trails as they raced through clouds of brightly colored powder.

Written by Public Relations Student Assistant Alexi Bell/ Photos by Lauren Neumann, Sara Leimbach and Sydney Romer