Learning Internationally

This summer, 137 Berry College students traveled to 17 different countries, some for class credit and some for internships.

From Iceland to Australia, students were able to see and experience different lifestyles, all while learning and gaining experience in topics from journalism to entrepreneurship.

Marketing and management major Caroline Lee from Marietta, Georgia, has always been interested in other cultures. 

“I've wanted to visit Iceland for a while, and when the study abroad email came to my inbox, it was the perfect opportunity for me to get to experience the country while also obtaining some course credits!” Lee said. Her summer was spent surrounded by mountains studying geology with Associate Professor of Geology Tamie Jovanelly. 

Meanwhile, senior French and communication major Allie Crain spent time in Ireland, exploring the castles and rolling green hills and learning about the identity and nationalism of the Irish. 

“If I could bring back one thing from Ireland, it would be simplicity,” Crain said. “The food is simple. The atmosphere is simple, but it seems the people are so truly invested in each other. I think that they are truly what makes Ireland…well, Ireland.” 

Sophomore Jackson Mattox said his favorite part about his trip to Vienna was the soccer viewing at City Hall Square with 25,000 people. 

“Fans from anywhere in the world could come and support their team,” Mattox said. A visual communications major from Peachtree City, he wrote a story about nationalism and sport.

While some students gained class credit, others gained experience in their chosen careers. Elly Rusia, a psychology and management major, and Madison Poole, a junior pre-vet major, both interned in a social entrepreneurship program in Guatemala and a veterinary clinic in Australia, respectively.

“My primary responsibility included conducting an in-depth analysis of our clients and the work they were doing in order to understand how to best serve them,” Rusia said. “For example, my team and I created a marketing guide based on the conversations we had with one client.”

Poole said, “I got to work hands-on with many animals and also assisted with surgeries. As a student, I am now looking forward to veterinary school and using the skills I learned. I also hope to become at ambassador for the program I went abroad with, so I can help other interns in the future.”

Written by Public Relations Student Supervisor Abbie Smith